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I just wanted to take a moment to lay out exactly what all the Goals and Aspirations are that I have for Armyn ab Treanid. This is just a small attempt to really lay out what I see as some of our goals. We should not limit ourselves to just these particular goals but these are what I had in mind when I created Armyn ab Treanid. As always, this is a living, breathing thing subject to change and the inputs of the members.

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1.) Have people look forward to logging on to DAoC to be with the people of this guild. Enjoy each other's company whether crafting at the guild house, hunting monsters, or hunting fools and barbarians. Use the guild house as a focal point for activities in the realm as well as depending on each other for support and chamraderie.

2.) Listed in the top 10 of realm points for the realm.

3.) Be able to put together guild groups that can accomplish the following on a regular basis:
a.) Lead (other) groups through Darkness Falls to kill the Legion, the Princes, and all the High Lords.
b.) Assemble all guild groups to actually storm and overtake an enemy keep. Also, once we take a keep, be able to defend it from the enemy for a good long time!
c.) Lead and assemble groups that can conduct equipment hunts in Sheeroe Hills and take on all the "Boss Mobs" of the Cursed Forest. Also be able to take out the Glacier Giant, Evan, and the Green Knight as a guild group.
d.) Form well balanced guild groups to go into the enemy frontier to harras and demoralize the enemy!
e.) When the alliance calls for a relic raid, have the guild called on for specific missions (scouting, blockading, carrying the relic, whatever).
f.) Be able to lead our realm mates on successful hunts through any of the high end dungeons to kill the "Boss Mobs", such as Galladoria, Tuir Sil, Fomor, etc.
g.) Lead regular raids on ML10 or any other high value item areas that benefir the guild, the alliance, and the realm,
h.) Be able to log on and see at least several guild members hunting together and having fun!

4.) Continue to recruit the highest quality in members. These are the people that act maturely, with a disposition that others will want to be around, and can be respected as well as show respect. I want to continue to expand the guild so that it will become easy to accomplish all the goals in Item 3, but I don't want it to become a numbers game as far as recruiting goes. I want to make every member's online time enjoyable, and no hassle for them to find a group or something to do, especially with guild members.

5.) When Albions and Midgardians see a bunch of people in the frontier with our guild banner (and even our guild armour colours) they should basically crap themselves because they know they will die!

6.) Be a well respected name within our own realm. Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily want to be an "Uber Guild", but I would like to have the rest of the realm look at us with respect and say that not only are we kind and true folk, but we are a force to be reconned with. Just enough so that people accross the realm can at least say, "Oh yeah, I've heard of Armyn ab Treanid! They are really nice and can still kick butt!" Also continue to foster pride in guild members so that they are totally aware that they represent the guild as a whole and that when others look at them they know the thoughts are good thoughts about the name they carry!

7.) Maintain our small family feel by doing events and fostering Esprit de Corps (I think having the guild colours and battle cry are a step towards this). Events can be ones listed in Item 3 as well as fun roleplaying events. As a matter of fact, I would like to see more roleplaying events. I know we have the personalities for it in our guild, just go out there and do it!
a.) While I mostly consider our guild to be role playing light, I do encourage you to roleplay to the maximum extent possible when dealing with other members of the realm. Use simple things like emoting and a manner of speech to enhance the feeling of roleplaying when talking in public chanells.
b.) Get together to run spontaneous role play events in the bigger congregation areas of our world (Tir Na Nog and Domnann). It can only help improve our reputation.
c.) And always, always continue to show kindness to the members of our realm, whether they deserve it or not. If there are people particularly undeserving of our kindness, just avoid them. Promote "The Armyn Way" by not only being kind, but also offer advice, crafting skills, and even items and money. You would be surprised how far kindness and altruism actually gets you in this world and the world of Hibernia.

8.) When someone in the guild calls for folks in the alliance to take over a keep to open up DF or to do any of the items in Item 3, people in the alliance will be willing to follow them and accomplish those goals.

9.) Have people of quality seek us out as opposed to us having to look for new members. This is already happening to an extent, but I would like to see more of it.

10.) Have our crafters respected and known throughout the land.

So, do you all think I am being resonable or delusional here? Do you have other suggestions? Again, I may be Da Head Elf, but I am not a dictator. I really depend on all of you a great deal, and want you all to have a hand in making this guild the best it can be.

Thank you for your time.

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