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So, ye think ye have what it takes to uphold the brave name of Armyn ab Treanid? First ye need to read the Code of Conduct of this Great Guild! If they are agreeable to you, find a member of Armyn ab Treanid as well as post on Armyn ab Treanid's Message Board. Once you are known to us, you will be subjected to an interview by a council member. If yer answers be true and from the heart, you will be asked to find a Sponsor. Any full member of Armyn ab Treanid can act as your sponsor, but they must agree to it as well. Once you have a sponsor, this person will keep track of your actions and help you meet with members of Armyn ab Treanid. Once we feel you are known to us as serious about your membership, your name will be discussed amongst the council. This may take a short while or it may take a long time depending on how many folks you are able to meet and interact with. After a council meeting, you should hopefully be asked join our ranks for an additional trial period. During this trial period, you will continue to become fully integrated into the guild. Yer skills are not nearly as important as yer heart! Remember that, and ye should make a fine addition to Armyn ab Treanid! After yer Bannoo period (usually no less than two weeks), we will have a small party to celebrate yer initiation!

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Armyn ab Treanid Code of Conduct

Even though this is in the Code of Conduct, it bears mentioning again:
Reasons for a Code of Conduct:
1. Being that Armyn ab Treanid is made up of many diverse players of different ages, mindsets and customs, there are certain guidelines that need to be in place within the guild to make sure that people are not made to feel uncomfortable in the game.
2. Though there are different ranks and responsibilities that characters hold within Armyn ab Treanid, a player should never be in a position of being made to feel inferior to another player.
3. Since Armyn ab Treanid will be dealing with many other guilds, it is important to achieve and maintain a good rapport and reputation.
4. A Code of Conduct promotes trust and unity within a set of people.

[ Section One | Section Two | Reason for CoC | Common Decency | Net Decency | Roleplaying | Hunting Etiquette | Wealth | Section Nine | Events | Alternates ]

[ Ranks and Responsibilities ]

Section One.


The foundation of Armyn ab Treanidís Code of Conduct is made up of four different concepts. To establish a common mind set, it is important for all the members to understand the difference between things that are encouraged, strongly encouraged, expectations, and rules. This is to set a standard for the guild as a whole.

Section Two.


Though this Code of Conduct is explicit, it is never the less only a tool and is always open for interpretation by the Guild Leaders and the Officers. At no time shall the Code of Conduct be used as a weapon against the Guild Leaders or the Officers in attempt for an individual to undermine the guild as a whole. Armyn ab Treanid is not a strong dictatorship, but does have a solid leadership structure and though members might see flaws within this structure, membership is in itself an acceptance to follow its standards.

In addition, the code of conduct will change with Armyn ab Treanid. It is a living document that will reflect the beliefs of the guild, which change as time goes on.

ENCOURAGED: These are behaviors, which reflect well on a given member, and do pride to the overall guild. Things that are encouraged are not expected from the member, but overly doing the opposite can make a member poorly reviewed by the officers and possibly removed.

Example: It is encouraged for members to give items to the guild instead of selling or trading them to the general public. Knowing that sometimes people need funds that the guild can not provide, have extreme expenditures such as working on a trade, or have the opportunity to make a beneficial trade it is completely understandable to dispose of items that one has acquired in the fashion they deem best. Now if a person is always getting nice items and selling them, taking from the guild and not giving in return then the officers can convene on whether that person is ďArmyn ab Treanid?quality and possibly have them removed.

STRONGLY ENCOURAGED: These are behaviors that are encouraged, which given time can become expectations. Strongly Encouraged behaviors fall into two categories:

1. Things outside of the Code of Conduct that relate to responsibilities of a given position (a rank is a privilege not a right and within are certain expectations placed upon it by the Guild Leaders) and 2. Behaviors that need to be upgraded to Expectations i.e. a warning stage.

Example: It is strongly encouraged that an officer member performs an active role in guild matters as deemed necessary by the Guild Leaders (being active does not necessarily mean the member must be publicly vocal). Extreme inactivity or inability to participate in guild matters may warrant a request to step down from the office.

EXPECTATIONS: These mainly cover the behavior of an individual with reflection to the other members within the guild, people outside of the guild or other guilds. Expectations that are broken are not immediate grounds for expulsion from the guild, but the officers will review the breach to determine if a warning suffices or if there is need for removal.

Example: It is an expectation that everyone treat each other with respect. A loss of temper and berating words exchanged during a hunt where things go bad is not acceptable and undermines the continuity of the guild. We understand that sometimes things go bad, but we expect you to be mature in your dealings. If you can express your frustrations in a roleplaying manner without berating the individual, do so, but be considerate of their feelings.

RULES: Rules are things that are grounds for immediate removal from the guild without need of officer meeting if the Guild Leaders so deems necessary. Generally the Guild Leaders would be removing a person for a breach of a rule or has the right to either bring in the officers for review of the breach or give a warning. Rules broken can damage the guildís reputation and/or cause overall loss of trust and unity within the guild.

Example: It is a rule that one acts with honesty and integrity with all other members or non-members regardless of rank. To intentionally steal or con another member of our realm is a violation of this rule.

Section Three.

Reasons for a Code of Conduct:

1. Being that Armyn ab Treanid is made up of many diverse players of different ages, mindsets and customs, there are certain guidelines that need to be in place within the guild to make sure that people are not made to feel uncomfortable in the game.

2. Though there are different ranks and responsibilities that characters hold within Armyn ab Treanid, a player should never be in a position of being made to feel inferior to another player.

3. Since Armyn ab Treanid will be dealing with many other guilds, it is important to achieve and maintain a good rapport and reputation.

4. A Code of Conduct promotes trust and unity within a set of people.

Section Four.

Common Decency

1. All members regardless of rank will not verbally degrade, abuse, or intimidate any other player in the game. (Expectation)

2. ALL members of the guild will realize that the good of the guild should take precedence over their own desires. This applies to the newest initiate as well as the Guild Leader. If someone is promoted into a position for the good of the guild, and someone else is displaced by this promotion, there is no reason for dramatics and hurt feelings. These changes are not trivial things and are meant for the good of the guild. Even the Guild Leader is bound by these actions. Any resulting demotion to an individual is not a negative reflection on you! It is for the best of the guild. (Expectation)

3. In as much as the good of the guild should outweigh the good of an individual, the good of the realm outweighs the good of the guild. If there is a planned raid occurring on relics, or the enemy is making a major incursion onto our lands, we are expected to defend Hibernia to the best of our abilities, as the situation warrants. For example, if it's an unexpected raid, and you are deep in the pit of the mines, and trying to get out would result in death and heartache for you, you can be excused from this expectation. If the event is planned through a war council, and is advanced, then you will be more highly encouraged to attend as per guild event attendance policy. Even if your job is as simple as carrying wood for the repair of the relic keep doors, donating money, or actively hunting the enemy, we should to rally to the call. Only by having a strong realm can we be expected to grow as a guild and attract the members we seek. (Expectation)

4. All members regardless of rank will not ridicule or belittle any other memberís ideas. Disagreements and debates will always occur given the wide variety of views and personalities, but regardless lack respect for anotherís ideas and personal attacks in attempt to win an argument is not acceptable. (Expectation)

5. All members will always be honest and trusting to one another. A person will never intentionally "rip-off", cheat, or steal a personís possessions through game bugs, lies, misdirection, or any other method. (Rule).

6. No member is expected to drop what they are doing to aid another member at a camping site, by buffing them with spells, or escorting them about the lands. Regardless though, if help is asked and can not be given for whatever reason, then an answer explaining why shall be returned. Armyn ab Treanid is a family and shall not intentionally ignore one another, but the requestor also needs to take into account that the person they are asking for help from might be "afk" or simply missed their tells. Always assume good intent. (Expectation).

7. All members should roleplay their characters to the maximum extent possible. In agreement with Mythicís Terms of Service and Code of Conduct for this particular server, Armyn ab Treanid will do all in its power to enhance the roleplaying atmosphere for all players of the realm. (Expectation)

Section Five.

Net Decency

1. All members will refrain from "Spamming" on any net whether it is the guild, group, broadcast, tells, shout, or normal talk. (Expectation)

2. All members will refrain from having open arguments between one another on any channel. (Expectation)

3. All members are expected to support one anotherís ideals vs non-guild members within reason. (Encouraged)

4. All members are expected to refrain from using foul or inappropriate language. If your roleplaying persona uses foul language, try to limit this, or at least use different words and warn folks to turn on their "Bad word filter" in your presence. (Strongly Encouraged)

5. Stalking or harassing another player repeatedly is prohibited. If someone tells you to stop an offensive action, or cease a particular roleplaying action, all members of Armyn ab Treanid will do so. (Rule)

6. Make an account at the guild message board and make every effort to stay informed about guild events and other happenings. (Encouraged)

Section Six.


1. Roleplay your character to the maximum extent possible, on all channels. (Strongly Encouraged)

2. Not all people have the same definition of roleplaying. Do not berate or chastise another member for not roleplaying the way you may roleplay. (Expectation)

3. If you really must break character and engage in OOC talk, feel free to make a chat channel for this purpose. (Encouraged)

4. We are defenders of the realm! Make every effort to send Albion Scum and Midgard Barbarians back to their lands by any means available! (Strongly Encouraged)

Section Seven.

Hunting Etiquette

1. Armyn ab Treanid does not condone intentionally KSing in any form. The protection of a camping site against other people moving in is an exception to the above. Leaching XP is also prohibited. (Rule).

2. All members should refrain from the looting of critters while grouped in combat, other then by accident. Armyn ab Treanid shall not display open greed while group members are in danger. (Expectation).

3. Members should not move into anotherís camping spot without first asking permission to share in the spawn, or join with the other group. If the other party does not feel that there is enough experience for all people then one should move on. In any case, the secondary group must carry out the wishes of the original group at the site, pertaining to camp sharing. This rule reflects heavily upon rule 1. Involving KSing of a target. (Rule)

4. Armyn ab Treanid does not condone the intentional "training" of critters into other groups or people. Trains happen and sometimes there is not enough time to warn others so assume good intent. A member that causes a train should never take over a spot hit by that train even if accidental for this can be perceived very poorly by the victims and can have adverse effects on the guild as a whole. Due to the game mechanics of DAoC, this scenario is unlikely, however the sentiment should also be kept in mind. (Rule)

5. Armyn ab Treanid does not condone the abuse of game mechanics to hunt safely (killing critters where you can not be harmed). (Rule)

6. It is perfectly ok to ask other members for "buffs" when they are not actively hunting. If a member is actively hunting and you are not grouped with them then it is discouraged to pester them for buffs (great if they see you and buff you, but you should not put another member and their group in danger by asking). (Encouraged)

Section Eight.

Trades and Wealth Issues

1. Armyn ab Treanid has no problem with personal wealth, but being that we are a family we ask all members to help out within reason by donating unneeded items to the guild for distribution to other lesser fortunate members. (Encouraged)

2. Members that choose to donate to the guild have the right to 1. Give items directly to members of their choosing or 2. Ask a council member if there is a person in particular that needs such an item or 3. Simply deposit it to the guild vault for a council member to distribute. When a member determines that they shall donate an item to the guild and has chosen a method, they must follow through with their choice instead of a last minute change of heart. (Rule)

3. When members group with mixed guilds it is perfectly acceptable to be in a lotto for an item that cannot be used by oneís profession. On the other hand, when in pure Armyn ab Treanid groups, the default rule shall be that loot is lottoed only between those group members that can use the item. If no profession can use the item within the group then the item shall be given to the guild for distribution. Armyn ab Treanid groups in non-guild events can agree ahead of time to a different guideline, for example, acquiring an item for someone to use in order to trade for another item. In all cases, any rule that is not based on the default guideline must be presented to the group members prior to the hunt. (Expectation)

4. It is perfectly acceptable for members to solicit for help in obtaining of an item, but never shall solicited members be hand picked based on the fact that they do not need such an item. Obvious fear of losing a lotto to another member who also needs such an item is greedy and selfish. (Rule)

5. Items passed down to members from other members or from the guild belong to the guild inasmuch that when said member no longer has a use for the item that said item will be returned to the guild for redistribution. This includes all items gathered in guild events. Please inform the guild if an item finally deteriorates as to be unusable. (Rule)

6. If a guild member gets an extremely valuable item, he/she is to pass down the item it is replacing to the guild. For example, if Johnny gets a Bow of Assassination, he should pass his Bow of Critical Shots to the guild. (Expecation)

7. Armyn ab Treanidís funds are in place to help all members within reason. Members should refrain from putting a strain on the Guildís wealth by constant or extreme requests. (Encouraged)

9. If a member is asked to leave the guild, they must return guild items as per rule 5 of this section. The same applies if they quit the guild. (Rule)

9. Members of the guild are expected to contribute funds to crafters and the guild in general for upkeep and improvements of the guild house as well as any keeps we may have claimed. These donations are strictly left to the means and abilities of the individual member. (Expecation)

Section Nine.

Violation of Mythicís Code of Conduct

No guild member may purposefully and/or repeatedly violate any part of Mythicís code of conduct for Dark Age of Camelot. This also applies to the special considerations attached to playing on a Role Playing server. (Rule)

Section Ten.

Event Attendance

As a guild, we ask that all members who meet the requirements of an event participate as frequently as possible, even if the event is not particularly your favorite choice. However, bear in mind that certain conditions may cause the guild to place restraints on such things as the number of people attending an event, or other overlying conditions. The right of attendance will be given to those members who sign up first and are at the event on time as well as those who show willingness to attend events of all types. Special circumstances may require us to invite certain classes that are needed to carry out the strategy of an event.

Given the needs of the guild at a particular moment, the expectation of attendance can vary. Certain raids may be declared more important and participation may be strongly encouraged or expected to these events. Since the needs of the guild are always changing, be sure to keep up with these changes as the Officers or Guild Leaders declare them.

All Armyn ab Treanid members attending an event are encouraged to keep track of their attendance record. This aids council members when determining how to distribute class specific items, as well as Officers when determining outstanding achievement in attendance. This is not a requirement, but is encouraged since it shows how the guild can benefit most when awarding items to players. (Encouraged)

For your involvement in guild activities, we do ask the following from you:

  • Play your characters regularly.
  • If you are playing, please be part of the guild. Engage in guild chat, alliance chat, group with members, attentd events, etc.)
  • If not able to play, be active on the Guild Forums.
  • If you are unable to play, or visit the boards for whatever reason, please let a member of the council know of your situation.

Members who dissapear without a word to the guild become defunct after a set period of time determined by the council. After being defunct for two weeks, that character's account will be removed from the guild. (Expectation)

If lack of attendance to particular events becomes a habit, Officers reserves the right to question these players about any issues they may have dealing with the events. Armyn ab Treanid is built on a strong bond of being a team player and aiding the guild regardless of the situation. If a player is found to be purposely avoiding certain raids or only showing up at raids where they may receive an item they wish to have, their record may be reviewed and they may be asked to stop attending raids until they are willing to be part of the team spirit.

This Ďpunishment?is not intended to be permanent nor does it have any effect on the memberís status in the guild in any way. Nobody will be removed from Armyn ab Treanid because of this nor will they be embarrassed by public disclosure of this type of action against a member, save whomever that person wants to tell.

The member is entitled to a chance to fully discuss the matter with any member of the Armyn ab Treanid Officers (or anyone else he chooses, of course). In most cases, we believe that no action will be required, and that the member will understand the preference of the guild and will join the team in spirit as a result of the discussion.

We understand that real life circumstances may cause an individualís playing time to suffer, and as long as players show honesty and a willingness to be a part of the team, they will remain in good standing. (Expectation)

As well, we understand that faction hits can cause players to skip the attendance of an event. If a player does not want to harm the faction that the event would ruin, the players are strongly encouraged to stay away from this event unless they are aiding in a manner where a non-KOS person is desired. (Strongly Encouraged)

All events will be posted at the soonest possible time of notification via the bulletin board or guild MOTD and interested participants are asked to be up to date on this information before the event begins. It is encouraged that players try to read the events section of the bulletin board before logging on to gain this information.

Section Eleven.

Secondary Characters

In order to facilitate in keeping track of members of Armyn ab Treanid the coucil imposes the following restrictions on secondary characters. First of all, officers need to have ALL thier characters in the guild at the appropriate rank. Officers just cannot afford to not be intimately involved with the guild. For members in good standing, it is expected they should have all characters tagged as well. If someone wishes to join, please explain that to them.

Armyn ab Treanid has no problems with alternate characters. All we ask is that you get your alternate characters in the guild at the appropriate rank in order to keep track of who you are. We also ask that you make every effort to "refresh" your character as often as possible.

The following discussion is no longer strictly applicable, unless a dispute arrises. Only primary characters will be able to receive items in guild events and through the hand-down system, unless any primary characters do not need an item. Members may change the character they designate as their primary character, but only once every three months.

The condition of Alternating Primaries.

When a member in excellent standing who has been with the guild for no less than 6 months comes to that point in their career that they have 2 or more lvl 40+ characters, they have the opportunity to become an Alternating Primary. A representative of the council must agree to this memberís acceptance into the alternating primary character. The Officers reserves the right to grant or revoke this condition at any time by majority vote. If this condition is removed from a character due to abuse, that person cannot regain it for no less than 6 months and must go through the entire process again.

If a person has more than one character in this realm, they should be part of Armyn ab Treanid to facilitate in communication. Other characters should not be in another guild. Armyn ab Treanid feels this could cause a conflict of interest and dedication to the guild. While the council recognizes that there are many social bonds built in the game, we also expect a certian degree of dedication to the guild. Social connections are easily maintained by alliances and chat channels, and the council does not feel this is an undue burden or unreasonable expectation of Armyn ab Treanid members. (Expectation)

Section Twelve.

Ranks and Responsibilities

One thing to keep in mind is that there is more infomration on who does what and what I expect out of officers in particular at the Who Does What Page. Please take a moment to also look that over.

Rank 0: We are the leaders and founders. It is our responsibility to enforce all the rules and guidelines of the guild. We will also be responsible for coordinating guild events/meetings. We make policy and enforce it. If disagreements pop up, we mediate and settle them as fast as possible. We are the final authority and responsibility for all.

Rank 1, 2, and 3: These are the members of the Council. They are responsible for the day to day activities of the guild as well as guiding all our members in their journeys through the land and in dealings with other guilds and the alliance. The Council is sacrificing a great deal to make this guild the best that it can be, so lend them all your support and respect. The council consists of the Rank 0 and 1 people. If there is a vote in the council, the vote needs to carry a 2/3 majority to pass.

Rank 4 and 5: This is a rank reserved for those that have shown maturity and a willingness to truly sacrifice for the guild and realm. These are the only regular members that are allowed to speak in allinace. This is a rank that is earned by more than just your levels. This is bestowed by the council as an honour.

Rank 6 and 7: This is the rank for most members of the guild. You are able to hear the goings on within Alliance Chat. However, due to the immense size of the alliance and the need to keep the alliance functioning smoothly, these members are not able to speak in alliance chat.

Rank 8 and 9: Bannoo are basic initiates. They are able to hear and talk in guildchat, but that is all. You will remain a Rank 9 member for approximately 2 weeks before the council will decide if you are worthy of full membership. During the 2 weeks, new initiates will make every effort to group and hunt with members of Armyn ab Treanid, and these members will give feedback to the council. They will then promote you to your appropriate rank. The Guild Leaders may bypass the 2 week period, but should not do so on a regular basis.

So who does what? You can see a copy of a message here.

Not sure what all the ranks mean? You can have a look at this table for an explanation.

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